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       Canine Helpers for the Handicapped Inc. is a NON-PROFIT organization dedicated to training dogs to assist people with disabilities to lead more independent and secure lives.

If you would like to become a SUPPORTING MEMBER OF CANINE HELPERS FOR THE HANDICAPPED, Inc. please click on the Donation and Membership button at the left for information. All donations, in any amount, are greatly appreciated! We are a NON-PROFIT organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

For further information or an application, or if your group is interested in a slide presentation, informative talk, and/or demonstration, contact Beverly Underwood at the address and number to the right.

     Founded in 1983, based on the vision of Beverly Underwood, Canine Helpers for the Handicapped, Inc. is designed to unite deserving people with highly trained, disability specific dogs. The ultimate goal of this non-profit organization is to achieve a high degree of independence for the clients who have various physical and emotional challenges. Whether the need be for Hearing, Service, Mobility (Multi-Service), Seizure-Alert, or Therapy Dogs, we are equipped to match a person with the right dog and train both to become an efficient team. Professional personnel at Canine Helpers for the Handicapped receive unwanted and abandoned animals from area shelters and other sources, test them carefully, and enter qualified dogs into a training process which can take as much as two years for completion. Canine Helpers for the Handicapped is committed to continued growth which will provide the opportunity for many more individuals to function confidently in society.

     We also have dogs up for adoption.  They are dogs that didn't make it into the service dog program but are still great dogs.  We have anywhere from puppies to older retired service dogs that need some extra care.  The adoption form is under the applications tab

     Dogs we train




 Hearing:  We train dogs for people that are either hearing impaired or completely deaf.  The dog is trained to alert for the alarm clock, smoke alarm, misc. alarms, door knocking, let you know if someone is calling your name, telephone, and many others.



Hillary and hearing dog Shimmer


Service Service dogs assist the physically challenged individual with    common tasks that are difficult or impossible to accomplish unaided.  They can open doors, pick up dropped objects, brace for standing or leaning, getting the telephone or alerting people for help.
Linda Rupert and Gibson




Mobility (Multi-Service):  Mobility dogs perform a variety of tasks for individuals with multiple disabilities or special needs.  They are a combination of seizure alert, hearing, service or therapy.

Seizure Alert:  Seizure Alert dogs can detect changes in the body from 2 minutes to a hour before the person has the seizure. This allows the person to get to a safe place to have the seizure or take their medicine.  If the person has the seizure, the dog will alert nearby people that you are in trouble.



Therapy These dogs provide companionship and company for individuals.


Amanda and Shelby