For the Handicaped, Inc.                                                          A Non-Profit Organization









Canine Helpers would first like to send it's gratitude to all those who served our country. Our Goal is to set up various programs that help our injured servicemen, a vocational education program to help serve our youth, and to help give back independence to those with various physical and emotional challenges. These will be broken down to three individual programs called, "Independent, Freedom, and Expectation."



Project - "Freedom"

Canine Helpers GOAL is to help our veterans injured from service. And those who served our country in uniform as police officers and firemen wounded in the line of duty. The Senate passed Senator Al Franken's first piece of legislation, a bill aimed at providing service dogs to more disabled veterans.




Project - "Expectation"








A vocational education program designed to teach much-needed work skills and expose students to career choices to consider pursuing after high school. By assuming the roles of teachers and service providers, the students learn to set goals and solve problems using patience, communication skills, self-control, frustration tolerance, and motivational techniques. The students also perform a community service by helping people with disabilities to become more independent. The therapeutic benefits of working with dogs go far beyond just education. They learn to work as a team, becoming one unit between them. Truly, mans best friend.


Project - "Independent"

The ultimate goal of this non-profit organization is to achieve a high degree of independence for the clients who have various physical and emotional challenges. Whether the need be for Hearing, Service, Mobility (Multi-Service), Seizure-Alert, or Therapy Dogs, we are equipped to match a person with the right dog and train both to become an efficient team. Also to bring in volunteer therapy teams to the local hospices, and hospitals. To be and share a bright light to those in need.


Stay tuned more to come very soon!