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|Canine Helpers’ Pathway to the Future |             

and Renewing Gardens


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a special place set aside where you could go to relax and reflect?  A place to honor or pay tribute to a loved one or pet?  Or perhaps a place to show that you, your family, business or organization believe in the work of Canine Helpers and would like to support its future?

Well we are pleased to inform you that we have just broken ground for that special place!  Canine Helpers has already begun laying the foundation for one of our special pathways and gardens.  Nestled among the pines west of our training facility, this sheltered area will offer a haven for reflection, dreams, remembering and renewal.  It will also help support the future of Canine Helpers while commemorating the founding vision and the first two decades of service of “love and help on four legs”.

You have the unique opportunity to become a founding member in this ground breaking project!


PHASE I – a strong foundation!

Garden Development and Perennial Plantings


This phase has already begun!  Unique boulders and rocks form the cornerstone of our first perennial garden.  Benches will provide a place to take a moment to relax and meditate while enjoying the fragrance of the flowers and the songs of the birds in nearby trees.

You may purchase a beautifully engraved red brick ($75) or an engraved granite stone ($150) to be placed in our perennial garden.  Each stone will be engraved as you wish: to honor, celebrate, memorialize, acknowledge or support…Your loved one, beloved pet, Canine Helper Team, special day, event, business or organization.  Arbors, benches, trees, and flowers may also be sponsored by caring individuals.



Pathways to Souls and Loved Ones

And a Vision Path to Tomorrow


This phase will form our beautifully winding pathway leading to our gardens.  Red bricks and granite stones may also be purchased and engraved for this pathway lined with memories.  We will also provide a special area for corporate sponsors or service clubs who would like to show their support for the future of Canine Helpers in a unique setting (for example a “Lions’ Den”).



Continuing Development of Gardens and

Additional Pathways


We envision beautifully established gardens, benches tucked in quiet niches, arbors draped with flowing vines, and peaceful water gardens all united by meandering pathways of beautifully engraved stones.  Together they will form a pleasing tapestry of nature, love, vision, and dedication…which is Canine Helpers.